In the early days of 1969 Don Asunción Mena (RIP) and his eldest son Amaury Mena Villanueva “El Toro”, created the foundations of what would become the most traditional Ferry company in Holbox, the maritime company of 9 Hermanos, that had its official appearance with that name in 1975.

Today five decades after its early origins we had a chat with Don Amaury Mena co-founder of the Holbox Ferry company who between chuckles and memories shared with us how the first passenger crossings were at that time. “My father and I moved people in a wooden boat, the course that we took back then was very different from the one we know today. We transported people to Punta Caracol, on a voyage that lasted up to an hour and a half. After reaching the shore, Don Alvaro Trejo would drive the people in his old Jeep Wagon to El Cuyo, Yucatan, where they caught the bus that went to Tizimín”.

At that time after arriving at El Cuyo, passengers had to board old truck like buses and go on dirt roads, in an eight-hour journey to Tizimín. “People arrived white with so much dust, but it was because of the need to travel” Remarks Don Amaury.

When the money was worth …
“The trip to Punta Caracol would cost 5 pesos back then when the coin was worth. We left every day at 5 o’clock in the morning and so the schedule for the first ferry to the mainland was established ever since”. The boat service had an alarm clock included, my father went to wake the travelers for the 5 a.m. ferry. “The ship is leaving, we are leaving …” he would yell and the people got up and came to the boat, he says.
“There were two crossings per day, sometimes up to three, there were days when the communication between Punta Caracol and Holbox was through smoke signals, Don Alvaro Trejo had to burn coconut peelings to warn us that the jeep was broken and we had to move the people all the way up to El Cuyo on the boat”.

As Holbox grew, new departures were added, the course changed, with the arrival of the Chiquilá highway, new roads were built to reach those we know today.
The 9 Hermanos fleet is formed by four impressive boats, and is the most traditional Ferry company in Holbox Island.

The 9 Hermanos
Amaury, Miguel Angel, Fidel, Amado, Félix, Nivardo, the twins Aldo, Chechenta and Edali Elias.

By: iHolbox Magazine